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Getting Back to Learning Requires Healthy Vision

Board 9There is so much uncertainty as our kids, teens and young adults go back to school this fall!  But one thing is for sure – our eyes are remarkably important to learning!

Did you know that 80% of the sensory information that reaches our brain comes from our eyes?  Not only that – 80% of learning is through our eyes!

Vision and eye health issues are not always obvious.  

Children who can “see” well may still struggle with their vision while learning.  Eye alignment, eye teaming, eye movement and coordination, eye focus, and dry eyes all influence how we visually perform.

Parents and educators alike often assume that if our child passes a vision screening, they are ok. Vision screenings are definitely not comprehensive eye exams.

Vision is a sense that is not always automatic! It develops in our formative years. Comprehensive eye exams can detect issues that once addressed can have lifelong impacts. For school-aged children, the American Optometric Association recommends annual eye exams begin before 1st grade and each year thereafter.

Let’s give our children the best chance at success! Make sure you get your child’s annual eye health and vision exam checked off your list!

We at Eye Care One provide comprehensive eye exams and vision therapy treatment options to help children’s learning and development.

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